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Concept Development


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Flip the Clinic
Reos Partners


The Challenge

Developing the illustration above posed an interesting technical and conceptual challenge. Continuing in line with the style of famed illustrator, Brian Rea, The Bridge Studio was asked to help Flip the Clinic develop a visual metaphor for how the healthcare experience can be improved for both patients and healthcare providers.

Our Solution

The process that we followed was incredibly creative and highly collaborative. After several brainstorming sessions and storyboards, Michelle Fox and members from Reos Partners and Flip the Clinic landed on the concept illustrated above. This illustration breaks the Flip the Clinic methodology down into the six scenes that we call the “hero’s journey”.

In the first scene on the left, the “hero” recognizes that things can be different. Then, they call together a team, gather necessary resources and skills, identify key leverage points, and find time to reflect and iterate on the process before continuing on.

Decoupling the visual metaphor from the healthcare context was important to the team. This allowed them to discuss the innovative process without being tied to traditional frameworks and mental models.

Each of the scenes and all of the elements in the illustration were incorporated into a playbook later developed by Flip the Clinic.